Our Team understands the importance to support you to achieve independence. Social and recreational activities are part of everyday life. The benefits of recreation affect all aspects of life. Participating in recreational activities helps improve physical wellbeing, emotional health, and cognitive functioning. It also offers an opportunity to socialise with others and improve your skills contributing to empowerment of the individual.


  • Active hobbies, such as walking, bowling or bike riding
  • Shopping, sightseeing, museums, or art galleries
  • Visiting your friends and family
  • Relaxing, going to the library, yoga, meditation, walks Going out for fun such as Movies, Theatre, cafes or plays.
  • Learning New skills such as Pottery, painting, dance, workshops & Men’s groups

You will need to pay for the cost of the activity such as any entrance fees or membership fees. We may be able to support you in taking part in the activity due to your disability.

For Self and Plan Managed NDIS Participants.
Services provided as per NDIS price guide.

We primarily support Self and Plan Managed NDIS Participants – We are able to work with our clients to assist, support and provide solutions and advice on keeping their home clean and tidy. We are considerate to clients individual needs and can adapt accordingly.