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Declutter your Physical Environment

Physical clutter leads to Mental Clutter.

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Don’t Clean
before the
Cleaner Arrives !

Extreme independence is a
Trauma Response.

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Your external space reflects your inner state

An organised physical space enables you to function in the world calmly and effectively.

Adelaide’s provider of choice for
Residential, Commercial Cleaning and Support!

Cleaning & Support services for all
Disability, Age Care, Housing Authorities, Council & Volunteer Groups

We are here to help

We offer regular cleaning, gardening, and home support services to individuals who are part of various organizations, including the NDIS. Our team of Mental Health Trained cleaners bring valuable life experience and previous job experience, such as nursing, aged care, and community services.

Our company, New Life Purpose PTY LTD, is located in the South of South Australia. We service locally for regular support and Murray Bridge – Onkaparinga Hills to Northern Suburbs and beyond for other Services. We specialise in working with individuals who live in hoarded or squalid conditions, and our compassionate team takes a non-judgmental approach to restore manageable living conditions. Our flexible and discreet approach ensures that you feel at ease and safe in your own home, while respecting your privacy. Additionally, our vehicles are not sign-written.

Our Purpose

To reduce squalid living conditions, increase hygiene, safety, day to day living and increase family connection and external supports. Keeping people in their homes in the process. To achieve this, our team are trained in Mental Health First Aid, Needle Stick Handling, and Manual Handling.