Based in South Australia, we are equipped and passionate about helping others to feel proud of their homes and themselves. Often people become embarrassed or ashamed to invite people to their homes. Reuniting relationships is important, removing squalor helps our clients make their home an inviting place for friends and family to visit.

We have a practical therapeutic approach towards physical cleanups, whilst also supporting the client though the process. We see the change in a client’s outlook on life and spark in their eyes as the cleaning process gets underway. Often at the end of a clean up the client feels a NEW lease on LIFE, a new direction, and an energy to take the next step in decluttering their lives and moving forward to achieve their PURPOSE.

Counselling is offered for 1 hour per scheduled clean up session – After the clean-up is complete. This is because people’s goals, priorities and outlook on life changes dramatically during and after the clean-up process.
We understand that NDIS funded clients may require an additional level of support in bringing about positive change in their home.

We work with Mental Health organisations, assisting participants in their homes and can work with Plan Managed and Self-Managed NDIS clients.

Pricing as quoted.

To receive our support or to book our 1 Hour Consultation, you can contact us via this website, call us on 1800 960 961 (Free Call), or you can also message us on Facebook.
You can also make an enquiry with your support co-ordinator, and we can work with them to plan your required supports.