We understand the importance of being realistic and working within your means. Our strength lies in our ability to break down the biggest tasks into manageable parts.

There are common areas of the home that usually require our support, below we will ask some of the serious questions that will help us build strategies and techniques that we implement to get back in control of your living space.

Some of the processes and strategies we use include:

• Once you’ve cleared out items you no longer need, consider donating them to our partner charity, Pennywise.
• Pennywise is a nearby shop that is owned by Ian, who is presently collecting funds to construct homes for the homeless in Aldinga.
• Check out our Charities page to learn more about the organisations we work with.

• We offer cardboard boxes for storage, which can be labelled for easy organisation.
• We may also be able to help with storage solutions and accompany you to local charity stores for affordable options.

• We provide a trailer service to take away unwanted items the same day.

Many of our clients may have limited budgets, and we work within those budgets to provide the best possible solutions for their decluttering and organising needs. We offer affordable options, such as items from charities and investing additional funding or grants, to help our clients achieve their organisational goals without breaking the bank.

For Self and Plan Managed NDIS Participants, services provided as per the NDIS price guide.
We also work with a range of other care services including CarersSA, Royal District Nursing and Resthaven.