1 Hour Hoarding & Squalor Consultation

Taking the first step can be daunting or you may feel embarrassed or uncomfortable that your home somehow got out of control.

You may be facing Eviction or a SACAT hearing – We can work with your housing Institute to assist in preventing this.

You may have requirements from the DCP to maintain your home environment.

You may have lost contact with friends or family.

Are you sleeping on the couch? Unable to cook in your kitchen or unable to shower, bath or even use the toilet due to restricted access? It may be difficult or impossible for your other support services to be utilised effectively such as personal care.

Are you at risk from injury due to trip hazards or are your access points blocked? Is your home a fire safety risk?

Our Team is nonjudgmental, compassionate, understanding and will check in with you every step of the way. Our team also hold various qualifications such as Mental health, age care, counseling, working with children and can provide support during this process.

Let’s Take a Look

We are not here to throw your belongings in a skip! Our purpose is to work with you and together we will look around and establish which area or areas are most important to you to clear, clean and organise. It may be the whole house and Yard. We will look for details such as damage, vermin, storage options. We will talk to you about what is important to you and what your goals are. And we keep it real and work with what you have.

Construct a Plan & Quote

Photos may be taken for my own personal use or to help the team with the task ahead. I will listen to your storey and determine the number of team members and time estimated. A quote will be raised and forwarded to your support coordinator for approval and funds are usually deducted from core. Once approved we will arrange the days most suitable. You must be present during a hoarding clean up.

Some of the options we can discuss are:

  • Preloved items will be bagged and taken away to selected local Charity Shops
  • Items for disposal will be taken away and disposed of or recycled.
  • Items to can be boxed and relocated into other rooms/sheds or storage units.
  • Large Items of Preloved furniture can be collected and taken away for Charity.
  • Council collections can be organised
  • After we have cleared the home a full clean will be conducted including setting baits if needed and a customised cleaning roster can be provided.
  • We strongly recommend that to prevent future accumulation of items counseling is advised to work through the underlying root cause of the problem.
  • Additional supports are offered such as regular cleaning, gardening meal preparation and delivery and support depending on the client’s individual needs and plan. This can be discussed at the consultation.
  • Information and Referral.

As a part of our service we have a cage trailer to remove unwanted items the same day, this is for 2 reasons:

  1. It is more economical than hiring a skip bin.
  2. It prevents any temptation to remove items and bring back into the home.

We can help you Make the Commitment to better living.