De Clutter


Imagine your mind like a Forest, and all of the trees are memories. Many of the trees stand Tall and carry wisdom and Strength, but some of the branches are broken. Parts of the Forest are so thick and Dense, there may be Darkness and Fear.. you Grip tightly to your flashlight as you squint you can only see 3-4 Trees ahead. There may be confusion with which path to take. Some Trees carry faces in the bark and others have beautiful Bluebell at their feet you may have not known were even there. Lets dig to the roots of those trees together, because when you do you will easily and effortlessly let go of emotional Trauma, Limiting Beliefs and habits which no longer serve you.

Get Excited


You can See a clearing now, that’s right.. and smell the freshness. You look at the forest in a different way now, you feel the Magic and the Spark inside you. Because now you are Free to decide your Path. Like the wood chopper together we have cut through what was holding you back and as you loosen your grip you see the beauty in all your experiences and learning. The old Trees are still there along side the new ones but they no longer bother you. They are lessons.

... to be continued


You feel Differently about the forest now, don’t you. You are confident, motivated and Clear that’s right .. and because you are confident motivated and clear you feel different. The sun is shining and you have all the tools you need to enjoy what you have created. And know that I am here if those tools need re sharpening. This is YOUR forest and you are free to choose how you feel, think and Act.