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We are here to Help

If you are a Hoarder or have somehow found yourself living in squalid conditions, we are here to take positive, physical, non-judgemental ACTION to clean up your home while providing support, space, active listening and understanding. This also extends to YARD clean ups; we prefer to use our Trailer service for 2 reasons. Firstly, its more cost effective than skips and secondly the items are taken away the same day to prevent any temptation to bring any items back into the home.

Whatever the area you want decluttered or even the whole house we are equipped and passionate about helping others to feel proud of their homes and themselves. Often people become embarrassed or ashamed to invite people to their homes. Reuniting family relationships and friendships is important.

We have taken the practical therapeutic approached of physical CLEAN UPS while supporting the client though the process. As a counselor and life coach I see the change in clients outlook on life and spark in their eyes as the cleaning process gets underway. This in itself is therapy. Often at the end of a clean up the client feels a NEW lease of LIFE, a new direction, and an energy to take the next step in decluttering their lives and moving forward to achieve their PURPOSE.

Counseling is offered for 1 hour per scheduled clean up session.
After the clean-up is complete – This is because often peoples goals, priorities and outlook on life changes dramatically during and after the clean up process.

Areas can include but not limited to…


Get Rid of Anything Expired – How many of you have a full pantry but just keep re stocking each week. I guarantee you will have many expired items lurking in your pantry, medicine cabinet, fridge, or freezer.

  • Are you overloaded with Tupperware and a draw full of cooking utensils, mixed match? cups and a cupboard full of glasses. What is lurking under your sink? Is your kitchen a dumping ground for kid’s shoes, school bags or paperwork?
  • Are you heading out the door to eat out, or spending money on Take away? Or perhaps your kitchen is inaccessible due to poor hygiene and clutter, vermin or years of built up mess.
  • Are you Gaining or losing Weight because of Unhealthy diet choices or lack of motivation to cook at Home?
  • Studies have shown that a tidier kitchen encourages healthier eating.
  • Cupboard doors need fixing. Ovens need Steam Cleaning.






  • Does your bathroom make you want to reach for the wine instead of the bubbles?
  • Is Your Bathroom Leaving you frantic and running late in the Morning?
  • Do you open up draws filled with old makeup, tissues, old bottles of toiletries, gifts you feel guilty to part with. Can’t find your tweezers, nail clippers, hair bands, clips. Trays and organisers are a great way for you to be able to get your hands on all those small items.

Is the Mould Making you Sick? – Even Minimal exposure to mould increases the risk of depressive behaviour by 30%

Are your kids bath toys a mass of mouldy plastic? Before your kids reach out and put them in their mouth let us get them cleaned up, or recycled and replaced.

  • Are you completely unable to use your bathroom due to it becoming an extra storage room, is your bath filled with clutter and items you have accumulated?
  • Is your personal hygiene at risk?
  • Creating a space to spend time on your physical appearance and cleanliness is important to your overall well-being. Feeling fresh is one of the first steps to making positive change in your life.
  • Now let us get down to business with the rubber gloves and get scrubbing getting rid of that grime and hair, and replace that place of chaos with a place of sanctuary and calm. We can help with ideas on how to further your relaxation experience at the end of a hard day.


FACT – a clean and organised bedroom equals a better night’s sleep.In the UK 44% of adults suffer from allergies and 59% of indoor allergy sufferers say their symptoms get worse in the bedroom.

FACT – a clean and organised bedroom equals a better night’s sleep.

In the UK 44% of adults suffer from allergies and 59% of indoor allergy sufferers say their symptoms get worse in the bedroom.

What’s lurking under your bed? are you asthmatic? itching, sneezing check out the dust on top of your fan or wardrobes. Do you have soft toys, books or piles of clothes accumulating Dust chances are you have these little critters lurking. They live on matresses, bedding unapoltered furniture carpets and curtains. They are most prevalent in humid climates

Common signs of a dust mite allergy include:

  • Sneezing
  • Eczema
  • Coughing
  • Runny or stuffy nose
  • itchy, water eyes
  • red, itchy skin
  • itchy throat

Are your kids’ bedrooms driving you MAD! – full of broken toys, odd socks, clothes which are way too small wedged into draws. Toys, crayons, books, puzzles, and last week’s sandwiches all in an unsightly pile or shoved under the bed.

Simple plastic containers, under bed storage and shelving can help.

But first let’s get on top of the mess.




Is your wardrobe more of a floordrobe?

Do you pull back the wardrobe door, knocking cloths of hangers, pulling apart the tightly over packed clothes to find something… ANYTHING that will fit or is not creased or fallen off into the depths of the wardrobe.

Are you holding onto clothes you haven’t worn for years even decades! with ‘I’ll fit back into that one day’ or ‘that might come back into fashion. or buy new clothes because you simply cannot find what you know you have. somewhere!

Toss the old clothes don’t save the best for a special occasion. Every day of your life is special. Wear your good clothes and shoes. Re organised by colour, item or season.

  • Maybe your clothes are not in the wardrobe. Are they piled in the laundry, spare room, floor, on the bed?
  • Has it become impossible to know what you have?
  • Are you wearing the same clothes for days or even weeks?

Organising Your personal wardrobe will require you to be present and work with me to determine what you can let go of. This can be a stressful time for some clients.

DO YOU LOVE IT? DOES IT FIT? If Not Be Gone with It!




Testimony From Client

I cannot recommend Joanna and her team at New Life Purpose highly enough.  

I am a single mum and have a child with a rare disability.  Over the last three years, as well as the day to day caring for my son who has very high needs, I have been dealing with a stream of very difficult life circumstances.  As a result of this, I found myself in some need of a little extra help with things around the house.  It had gotten unorganised, and I felt like I was drowning in clutter.  It all felt very overwhelming and was adding a lot of pressure to my already pressure filled life! 

One of my child’s carers had seen a New Life Purpose advertisement in a NDIS group on Facebook and sent me the link. 

As soon as I read all about Joanna and her business, I knew that I wanted to meet her and that she was just what I needed in my life at that time to help me get on top of things in my home. 

It’s not easy to ask a stranger for help in your house, but Joanna has a way of making you feel instantly at ease, there is no judgement, and she has the natural personality, but also the skills, to help you through any shame you may be feeling about getting to a point in life of needing to ask for that help! 

I felt like I could talk to her quite openly and she supports you through the process of decluttering and getting organised with compassion, empathy, understanding, and professionalism.  Joanna has a way of making things that feel huge and overwhelming, seem not so big, and she supports you through problem solving in a way that helps you to feel empowered, when for me, I felt at the time, quite powerless.  She has helped me to start regain that power and focus on my path again that I had lost for so long.  

I am so grateful that I found her service and will continue to use New Life Purpose when the need arises, because there is no shame in sometimes needing a helping hand in your home, and life! 

Thank you, Joanna

***All unwanted items for donation can be taken away and disposed of for your convenience at local small Charity Businesses ***